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We provide the Ultimate Memory, Concentration, Mind Power and Career Discovery Workshops for students, parents and employees.


Each and every child on earth is a potential genius. They are seeds waiting for right environment to flourish into big trees and large forests. But in reality the opposite happens. All over the world, it is seen that almost 80% people are incompetent and 20% are competent. In 20%, around 3% are experts and less than 1% is TRULY SUCCESSFUL working on their UNIQUE ABILITIES having discovered their PURPOSE OF LIFE and living a FULFILLING LIFE! Rests are unsuccessful having challenges in one or more areas of their Career, Prosperity, Health, Relationship and Peace of Mind. Interestingly, the unsuccessful people are NOT solely responsible for their FAILURES! Their UNIQUE ABILITIES were simply not discovered. Once this is discovered, the person will have no other option but to become a great success in life and profession.

We, at Initiative India International, discover the UNIQUE ABILITY of every student using world’s most scientific tools and techniques. When UNIQUE ABILITY is discovered, to flourish in life a student requires to improve Memory, Concentration and Mind Power. We teach world’s most acclaimed Memory, Concentration and Mind Power Development techniques for SCORING HIGH AND GETTING DREAM RANK/JOB.

Mr. Matindra Debnath’s Workshops were conducted at over 100's of institutions. See him in Videos.


Bengal Engineering and Science University, Shibpur, Howrah Calcutta Media Institute (ABP Pvt. Ltd.), Kolkata RCC Institute of Information Technology, Department of Higher Education, Govt. of West Bengal Vivekananda College of Empowerment, Centre for Management Studies, Kolkata Edustar Scottish Church Collegiate School, Kolkata